Day of Cluj | Cluj City Hall celebrates Florin Piersic with a play of 28,000 euros. Public money

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Florin Piersic, actor in Cluj, celebrates 83 years in 2019, and the municipality wants to celebrate him with a 28,000 euro show at the cinema that bears his name.

"Since Florin Piersic celebrates 83 years, we want to host a special homosexual event on January 26, 2019, in the" Florin Piersic "cinema with unique moments of theater, opera and folklore. the budget (almost 28,000 euros, red.) ", says the draft decision coming to the table by local councilors at the meeting on January 15, 2019. Partitioned for the Artist's performances (fees, transport, accommodation and meals) are equipped with 100,000 tired, for sound and light – 5000 lei, and for reception – 25 000 tired. More details HERE!

Citizen of Honor of Centenary Cluj

On the National Day of Romania on December 1, 2018, Florin Piersic Cinema held in Cluj-Napoca Centenary of the Romanian Film, which included three screenings. On the first evening, master Florin Piersic was offered, grateful, honorary citizen's trophy of Cluj, made by sculptor Liviu Mocanu.

80 year anniversary exhibition in the presence of over 1000 people

More than 1,000 people attended the Romanian Opera House in Cluj-Napoca at the anniversary exhibition "Don't Ask How Many Years", organized for actor Florin Piersic on the occasion of the 80th anniversary, at the end of the event taking place on a fireworks display.

In the "Do not Ask How Many Years" show, performed at the National Opera House in Cluj-Napoca, Piersic from Henry Ibsen & # 39; Peer Gynt & # 39 ;, poems and epigrams he sang, said he jokes, scene in the middle In the audience, joked with them, restored memories of his roles in movies and games. Operations director Florin Estefan reads the message to President Klaus Iohannis that Piersic was awarded the Star of Romania order as an officer.

Florin PiersicBorn January 27, 1936, in Cluj, is one of the most important Romanian theater and film actors. One of the most famous characters he has performed in the film is Mărgelatu. He played in films such as "The Thieves of Baragan" (1957), "The Sun of the Shoemakers" (1964), Secrets of Secucai (1970), "The Dare of Miss Ralu" (1971), "The Turquoise Necklace" Fix alert "(2004) and" Eminescu versus Eminem "(2005).

Among the famous theater performances he played in Fse, "Flying over a Cuckoo's Nest," "Men and Mice" and "Aliens in the Night". He has received numerous awards, including the full career prize at the Transylvania International Film Festival in 2009, and the Transylvanian Art Medal in the same year.

On January 31, 2011, a few days after his 75th birthday, Piersic received a star on the Walk of Fame in Bucharest, a room dedicated to Romanian artists, inaugurated in Timp Square in the center of Bucharest, the Metropolis Theater, the City Hall and the Cocor store. Florin Piersic was the first Romanian actor whose star was unveiled on the Walk of Fame.

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