David Schwimmer is a twin killed by the police of the United Kingdom.

adminOctober 24, 2018

A police FACEBOOK publication in northwest England is going viral after they posted a photo of a thief who is the image of David Schwimmer.

The Blackpool police posted a photo of the man with the caption: "Do you recognize this man? We want to talk to him about a robbery at a Blackpool restaurant on September 20. "

Within 12 hours, the publication had received more than 75,000 comments and most of them had joked about the resemblance of the thief to the friends star.

"I know who he is," wrote Facebook user Jayne Freeman. "He has a son named Ben, he loves the taste of the wedding cake and he meets with some people in a cafeteria, he has a dinosaur fetish, I hope he helps with his consultations.

"I just saw him at the Blackpool Zoo with a monkey on his shoulder," wrote Karen Long in reference to Ross's mascot monkey in the hit comedy, Marcel.

Danny Harrod joked on Facebook that people should give the thief a break.

"Calm yourself up, this guy could have fallen on hard times, maybe it was not his week, his month or even his year," he wrote.

One of the best comments came from James Peden, who wrote: "If you get into the Blackpool Sea, you will never catch it." I heard he's a very good Schwimmer. "

Referring to another friends The star, Sam Marshall said: "When asked that he could not remember anything, he drew a LeBlanc."

The Blackpool police also had fun with the comments.

"Thank you all for your quick responses. We have thoroughly investigated this matter and confirmed that David Schwimmer was in the United States on this date. We regret that it has to be like that, "the police wrote.

News.com.au understands that the thief is still at large.

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