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adminNovember 26, 2018

The "Teen Mom 2" star, David Eason, caused a violent reaction on Instagram when he posted a photo that showed him posing with an AR-15 rifle while standing next to his nine-year-old stepson Jace during a hunting trip.

Teen mother 2& # 39; S David Eason, 30, added to the violent reaction he received recently when he took Instagram on November 25 to publish a controversial photo that showed him standing and posing with his wife Jenelle Evans& # 39; Son of nine years Jace Evans while holding an AR-15 rifle during a hunting trip. In the photo, he has his hand on Jace's shoulder while holding the rifle pointed at his other hand. Jace is holding some squirrels that they captured. "Jace and I had a blast killing squirrels yesterday! It has a great shot! I showed him how to skin and clean them, and yes, we eat these creatures, they are really delicious, I have them in marinated right now! # Squirrel # squirrelhunting # 22 #wayoflife ", David's title for the photo read.

It did not take long for the fans to express their discomfort and disgust with the picture and they called him. "I'm going to throw up," wrote a follower. "This is absolutely disgusting", published another. "You're sick," said a different user. Others, however, congratulated the reality star for spending time with Jace. "That's great! What a great father you are to teach your kids great survival skills," said one user.

This is not the first time that David faces a violent reaction in social networks to post about things he believes in. He recently caused controversy when he posed and wrapped himself in the Confederate flag while he was at the top of the Grand Canyon. Despite the harsh comments he received for the photo, Jenelle defended him as he often does. Jenelle still has to talk about her hunting trip photo.

David is known for saying what he thinks on social networks and although many fans criticize him for that, he continues to say without fear what he feels and publishes what he wants. We will definitely update any other publication that David can share in the future!

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