David Beckham still kisses his 7 year old daughter on his mouth and shares the net

adminNovember 28, 2018


The 43-year-old former footballer shared a cliché that provoked strong reactions to Instagram.

Loving someone, unhealthy to others, kissing the children on the mouth is not to everyone's taste. David Beckham knows something about it. An image he shares a kiss with Harper does not go to social media.

"I kiss all my children on my mouth"

At Instagram his 50 million followers are divided. " pattern "" glory "" adorable "" weird "The comments flared during the publication of the former footie who wanted to celebrate the Christmas approach by going ice skating with his daughter.

" I kiss all my children on my mouth. Maybe not Brooklyn. Brooklyn is 18, he may find it strange. But I am very fond of children. That's how we grew up with Victoria, and we're the same with our kids Explained David Beckham, for whom this movement is natural, in 2017. Recently, athlete Tom Brady was under fire from critics after a kiss on his mouth to his 10 year old son. The American football player has also lent his support to the Englishman. " Father and daughter, too cute!"He commented under the controversial image.


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