David Beckham leaves his poor sister Lynne

adminJanuary 7, 2019

David Beckham (43) literally swims in the money. Anders looks at his sister Lynne (47).

In football circus, David Beckham has long been a legend. Meanwhile, the British have hung their football boots on the nail, but even after the end of the career allowance flows in large quantities in the Beckham bag. This includes advertising offers with Adidas and H & M.

In total, the 43-year-old should own a fortune of 427 million francs! This makes David Beckham the best paid ex-athlete after Michael Jordan (55). But not only is he smelly rich. His wife Victoria is a big name in the fashion industry. She also has a 3-digit million amount in the account.

Sister lives on welfare

While the brother with the play dough can just throw it around, his sister Lynne lives off the social welfare. In desperation, the 47-year-old brother tries to raise money in the shadow of his brother. Lynne sells shoes, furniture and clothes on Facebook. At the ridiculous price, she offers the items. For example, a leather sofa costs a Japanese 25 franc.

But how does this strong contrast occur in the Beckham family? According to the British newspaper "The Sun", Lynne's wedding was in 1999. Apparently, David did not agree with the sister's decision to marry Colin Every. Since this wedding, the relationship between the two siblings should be tense. Nevertheless, David bought his sister a house ten years ago, according to the Daily Mail.

In 2011, the marriage broke out between Lynne and Colin. Since the 47 year old relies on social assistance, her latest shirts sell on the Internet. David enjoys his luxurious life, which he shares with his 53 million followers on Instagram. (FMU)

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