David Beckham: his last picture with his 7 year old daughter "so shocking" for English

adminNovember 29, 2018

The education of their children or his behavior against them does not always please their countrymen.

David Beckham may be a former football player who is respected in his country, some of his behavior often disapproves. It must be said that on social networks, not any subscribers to the accounts of the biggest stars, hesitate to criticize generously.

This is the case by David Beckham, who was the target of criticism after his burglary and after the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: a chewing gum in the mouth in St. George's Chapel, it was not a taste of everything.

The last scathing criticism is a picture of him and his 7 year old daughter, who just posted on Instagram. "What can I say about my little princess, other than that she's just perfect at all levelsexplained his father on the occasion of his seven years. This wonder is loved by his brothers, her mother and her father … a little girl so special? " he wrote.

This is not the legend, but the picture that poses a problem for some: We see him kissing her mouth to her daughter Harper Seven.

This shocks someone and they do not hesitate to report it in comment: "It is very strange. I find it inappropriate to kiss his child on his lips " can you especially read. Or again: "It's just abnormal, It is the English culture?? "

But this movement of love from a father to his daughter does not support another part of English for who kisses on the mouth between parents and children is common, as the Americans do.

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