David Beckham: His kiss on Harper's mouth is controversial

adminNovember 28, 2018

David Beckham already has the spirit for Christmas and he shares his good mood with his clan. For example, 43-year-old sports athlete sent a picture of him and her daughter Harper on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at her Instagram account, followed by 52 million subscribers.

"Christmas is coming. Let's go skatingDavid Beckham briefly describes a picture where he stands with Harper (7 years) on the edge of an ice rink Problem: We see him swap a little kiss on his mouth with her daughter. already done last year … A practice that is quite common between parents and their children but always gives some embarrassment when the child is not very young anymore, despite cardboard on the map that harvested no less than 2 million asSeveral users expressed discontent. "But how can you kiss the little girl on her lips?";"It's not done!"Or"Not on your lips. Kinn yes", we can read in particular.

David Beckham, who is also father of Cruz (13 years), Romeo (16 years) and Brooklyn (19 years), received support from his wife Victoria Beckham, as well as various personalities who "liked" the picture like Ryan Reynolds and Ricky Martin. "Dad and daughter, so cute!"commented American football player Tom Brady.

David Beckham is doing well when Christmas time is approaching when he finally made his Miami football project a reality. When it comes to Victoria, who refused to attend Spice Girls, she continues her stylistic activities between London and the rest of the world.

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