David Beckham has released PHOTO with his daughter and … Oh, God, that's weird!

adminNovember 28, 2018

David Beckham is known not only for sports success but also because he and his wife Victoria and the kids in Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper are a harmonious family. The famous gourmets use their roots and social networks are full of their shared pictures.

The last time he took his daughter Harper to skate on ice. As otherwise, he also praised the entrance. "Christmas is coming," David wrote to the picture and gave the princess a mouth to mouth.

David Beckham triggered a stormy discussion with this image.

David Beckham

Source: Instagram

The nearby holiday is not addressed in the comments. For that matter, the innocent kisses to his father and daughter a stormy discussion. "Oh my God, this is quite strange, so he's going to kiss his wife and not the kids." is selected from critical comments.

However, many fans are in favor of Beckham. "Your opinion is so acute. Because she's her father. And the kiss is the same as most parents and children," she said. reactions from opposite camps.

David himself had a negative comment in the past because of this. "I kiss all my kids on my lips. Brooklyn no longer, it looks strange, but I'm kind to my children. So we and Victoria were taken up," noted a prominent father on the subject. You can express your opinion in an ante and discussion.

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