David Beckham admits that marriage is "hard work": is it normal for long-term relationships to be difficult?

adminOctober 18, 2018

David and Victoria Beckham are one of the most famous couples in the world, and are not unaware that their marriage is analyzed, and rumors of infidelity are discussed.

But David has said now, in a new interview with the Australian talk show The Sunday Project, that marriage is "hard work" and added that the romance has become "more complicated" over time.

Does this mean that things are not going well? Is not it a happy marriage? No, it's perfectly normal, experts say. These are the factors that will challenge your marriage, no matter how famous you are …


That moment when you have the first dance at your wedding, and it seems that the world will always revolve around your mutual love. Then you have a baby, and the baby becomes babies and the babies become children … and life changes forever.

Having a family inevitably makes marriage more difficult because you have less time to be a couple, emotionally and physically, but that is what is expected, says relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam: "Having a child, even if you died for They are like giving him a hand in the middle of a marriage, leaving aside conditions like postpartum depression, suddenly you are three when you were two.

"Suddenly there is no change of time and roles, the child is the most important person. And that can continue until they go to college. "

Labor commitments in constant change.

Changes in the race can really put cats among the doves of marriage. Not only those you choose, but those who impose you. Redundancy, cuts and a new boss can really put a strain on a marriage that was made when they both climbed the ladder of the race.

Quilliam points out: "Couples can underestimate how stressful it is to juggle two careers and a family without the traditional community of living in a village. We are all working harder than ever. "

Mobile home – or making renovations

Reportedly, it is more stressful than marriage or divorce, and the Beckhams have certainly moved many times. But there is an even greater challenge: renovations.

As many of us stay put due to the rise in house prices, we often decide to do a conversion or extension of loft – cue building dust, and we all share the same room. The last thing you want to do is be romantic or kind to your partner, but you're not alone if you feel that way.

"Many clients enter therapy when they have just completed a renovation," says psychotherapist Hilda Burke. "They will have been looking for an existence, living together in a room, which creates a huge tension in a relationship."


As any couple knows, anniversaries can make things more difficult. The pressure to make things perfect just because you have reached a certain number can be difficult. Do not let it overwhelm you too much.

"It's like turning 30, 40 or 50," says Burke. "Whether you celebrate or not, you have that feeling of" Where am I in life and where did I want to be? "People may feel a little dazed and an anniversary may provoke a reflection on the state in the world. that you are. "

Your own personal development

You could be married but you are still an individual. And as your interests change, that can also impact your relationship. Someone who was once a sofa addict could become a triathlon addict, or one of you could go back to college or change careers completely, says Quilliam.

"Even without all these other factors, a relationship is a natural progression, a rhythm," she says. "You could separate, then rejoin, and that's fine, it's still difficult and you have to keep working to be your own person, it's about finding that balance emotionally as an individual, but also wanting to be linked to someone."– Press Association

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