Daughters of Andrea Legarreta in defense of her mother against alleged infidelity

adminDecember 30, 2018

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Photo: Instagram by Andrea Legarreta

it actor and host Mexican is he defended of rumours and yours daughters also they responded before the press about a supposed infidelity of famous with a "man sharply".

it Famous should face still on rumours which is generated on his privacy, something more harmful than others.

This is what he lives Andrea Legarreta and his family, a few weeks ago a actor I saw that actor and leading Mexican That's it unbelievable to her husband with a "powerful man".

these speculation They went ahead and the press asked daughters by the artist, Mia and Nina, on the subject.

The young actors expressed it these comments do not affect themsince they know they are just watching influence it picture of his tender and generate controversy, according to People and Español.

"It doesn't really affect us because we know it's not real. And we don't touch the topic so much because we know what it's about," said Nina Rubín during a meeting with the press.

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The teens gave these statements after it owns Andrea Legarreta refused it rumours during a broadcast of the program "Today".

"They invent me that I go with one powerful manI don't even know who he is. Exactly if you are going to be a coward to say things, say your name, surname, give evidence and then go out that will stain the story of a family. "

"I do not know why I do not mention it, little guy, coward, mariconcete (…) What do you want dirty people, you give me a lot of sin", continued to comment Legarreta with a tone of anger when you refer reporter Dael de Arguende TV, as scattered gadget.

Andrea Legarreta It has a solid marriage with Erik Rubín since 2000, when he entered into talks with the singer in an intimate ceremony in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero.

Because of their relationship, their two daughters were born: Mia and Nina, who follow in their footsteps show.

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