Daughters gave him his stuffed dad with voice mail from his late mother, and this was his reaction videos

adminDecember 28, 2018

At Christmas many gifts with emotional feel. This is the case with two daughters of Winston-Salem in North Carolina who wanted to surprise their beloved father.

It was just one of his daughters, Melia Tinnin, who via Twitter sent a video where his father gets excited after receiving a stuffed toy that reproduces the voice of his late mother.

According to BioBioChile, Melia published a video showing that her father opened a box and then took it out, a teddy bear sending out a recording.

The daughter posted the post on her Twitter account and wrote: "My dad refused to have an iPhone because a voice message from his mother who died would not be transferred from Android, so I and my sister put her in a bear. Merry Christmas, Dad"

The emotional situation traveled the world and was picked up by the British newspaper Mirror, which emphasized that the gift was applauded by many users of the social network.

Actual, The video was already played over 7 million times and those who saw it commented that they had also kept the sound of deceased relatives to remember them. In addition, he was warned that the battery would eventually run out and the sound would be erased so that Tinnin managed to back it up.

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