Daughter daughter looking for new season: Marco from Lower Saxony gets another chance

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Cologne –

The wedding coup show "daughter-in-law wanted" went on Sunday night for the twelfth round. Since then, coup expert Vera Int-Veen has again accompanied many single men on the turbulent search for the right partner.

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Marco (42) from Lower Saxony wants a partner.

Even familiar faces celebrated their return to the RTL program. Below: Dealer Marco. He is looking for a great love with repetitive offender Bernd on the German party island of Mallorca.

Marco after love-broke with Nicole single again

In 2011, the enthusiastic bingo player Marco participated in "daughter-in-law wanted" part. He fell on his heels in love with Nicole – but unfortunately the delicate band did not reach between the two. Three years ago, they announced two sad love.

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Since then, Marco was left alone. So alone as never before, because her mother now lives in a nursing home.

Marco: "Sometimes quite lonely here"

"Sometimes quite lonely here. But fortunately I still have my cat and my turtles. But it would be better if I had a partner with whom I could live here," said the 42-year-old.

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The Dome Queen Vera Int-Veen had considered the perfect plan for the romantic: she sent him to the south, to the party island of Majorca, along with the hobby DJ and long-term ensemble Bernd.

Marco is sent on island experiences to Mallorca

"I think so! Maybe I'm different than here," Marco hoped. Just in front of the plane, the hobby miniature golf player was a bit hilarious. "I've never flown by plane. I think I'm interesting," he admitted.

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Vera Int-Veen also looks at her accusations during the twelfth season of the coup "Sviger Son wanted".

From his dream woman, the sensitive Vokuhila user has a very special idea: "She should be honest, loyal and above all fond of children, because I want to start my own family. It should be a natural type and not bitchy," he said in the RTL interview.

Marco and Bernd explore the house in Mallorca

Shortly after arriving in the spacious hacienda in the bath paradise, the bachelor began to explore the house with buddy Bernd.

Surprisingly: Four beds seemed to be ready for possible love candidates. Hobby DJ Bernd happily summed up one by one: "There could be four girls at once!"

Welcome party for love aspirants

Next surprise: Marco and Bernd found a letter from the love coach Vera at the kitchen table.

Their mission: They should receive their love-advocates with a large party. Bernd saw his chance: "I can relax, I have some CDs!" He exclaimed enthusiastically. "It's already good," Marco said.

Bulk purchases before the ladies visit

Shortly after, they went to the supermarket for the two: From Spanish ham to finger food to Sangría, many things moved into the basket of the two tense singles.

How the foreign adventure of the two continues will emerge over the next few weeks at RTL.


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