DATABASE. "Ralph rupe netu", a true social network. Cosmin Seleşi, Second Gogan, Irina Margareta Nistor, Ana Lesko, for the first time

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Paginademedia DATABASE. 2019 began with Disney movie lovers. Disney's new animation film, "Ralph Rupe Netu", was first seen in Cinema City last week by over 300 guests, and after the public reaction, the movie has the perfect recipe for filling cinemas and even surpassing the success of "Ralph Destroying Everything".

They explored the endless planet on the internet and had fun with Disney characters, including Andre Gogan, Bibi, Anna Lesko, Simona Dragomir, Irina Margareta Nistor, Răzvan Gogan, Cosmin Selesi, Oana Cosbuc, Ana and Virgil Stănescu, Vitalie Cojocari or Dorin Chioţea.

Ralph's story is a sequel to the successful movie "Ralph spoils all" and represents a new scene full of challenges in the friendship relationship between the two main characters – Ralph (John C. Reilly's voice) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman's voice).

In the new story, beyond the new challenges of the relationship, we also discover the wonderful world of the internet, which is not only huge but also "very rich in characters and places," as director Rich Moore says. "This is the most complex animation movie I've ever worked on in terms of characters, designs and locations"He says.

The soundtrack of the film belongs to the famous Dragons Picture, which holds a Grammy Award. Image Dragons composed an original piece – "Zero" – especially for this production, singer Dan Reynolds says that the emotional themes of the film are reflected in the new song.

Ralph Breaks Internet: Ralph Breaks Internet: Ralph Breaks Ralph 2 Ralph Rupts Netu: Ralph Broken 2 "distributed by Forum Film Romania and premiered in theaters on January 4, 2019, in subtitle and double version.

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