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[Thisisavintagevisionof[Thisisanearlyreviewof[Estaesunarevisióntempranade[ThisisanearlyreviewofReckless season 3. The new season opens on Friday, October 19 on Netflix.]

Then it was confirmed in New York Comic Con that Reckless season 3 would not only present the return of the evil and wicked Wilson Fisk of Vincent D & # 39; Onofrio (which everyone already knew), but also present one of the greatest adversaries of ol & # 39; Horn Head in Bullseye, not It is a big surprise or a spoiler to confirm that the character, in fact, has a prominent role in the new season. And, without revealing too much, the arrival of Bullseye, along with the return of Kingpin, at a time when Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) apparently bottomed out, is perhaps the best season of the series so far, and for a brief summary . , brutal moment, one of the most exciting things that Marvel Television has not yet produced.

Reckless Season 3 is, in many ways, a deconstruction of the character of the same name. Like the boring and depressing Iron fist season 2Reckless it develops directly after the events of The defenders final (which, in television terms, may also have happened eons ago). But unlike the unnecessary follow-up of Netflix's most erroneous and inessential Marvel series, Reckless makes an effort to turn that miniseries ending into something meaningful for the presumptuous man (for other characters, not for the audience, obviously) who died in his final moments, instead of turning them into an abstract realignment of the fluctuating priorities of a character two-dimensional The result of this effort, then, is a restructuring of the typical Reckless season, one that rightly turns its back on the other characters in the expanded television universe to create a solo adventure with their priorities where they should be: about Matt Murdock and his alter ego fighting crime.

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This more focused and slightly distant approach to storytelling is, in reality, a breath of fresh air, one that avoids the typical nature of these universally expanding programs to tell a story with a clear plan that is influenced not only by the recent events in the television narrative of Daredevil. , but also one of the most famous stories of the characters in the funny books. Like the introduction of Bullseye, the fact that Reckless Season 3 is strongly influenced by the "Born Again" bow written by Frank Miller. It really is not a surprise at this point, and the effect it has on the series feels almost immediately. The writers of the program do not have to use their season as a backdoor pilot for another hero, and since Stick and Claire are no longer in the picture, they are free to spend as much or as little time with the main supporting characters, ie , Foggy (Elden Henson) and Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) – as needed to set up the first half of the new season with a specific agenda. That agenda is: the search of Matt Murdock to end, of all things, Matt Murdock.

Season 3 is not simply based on the inspiration of & # 39; Born Again & # 39 ;, but uses it as a model of how the story will unfold. It is not a direct adaptation in any way, but writers essentially follow a recipe for success, which they do, for the most part. The first episodes returned Matt to his childhood home, under the care of Father Lantom (Peter McRobbie) and Sister Maggie (Joanne Whalley). Matt's body and spirit break after the events of The defenders and he finds himself in a kind of crossroads, in which the temptation to let the world keep thinking that Matt Murdock has died is enough to keep him committed to perpetuating the lie. It is a trope of familiar superheroes: the character in question apparently can no longer support the duality of his existence and, therefore, chooses to live only one side of it. Given that Daredevil is the kind of hero he has at arm's length, the choice is easy: abandon all emotional connections that could give him something to lose.

That familiarity does not derail history as one might think. Instead, it actually helps attract Matt Murdock to a greater focus, and he does it without the help of unnecessary flashbacks for Elektra or the events of The defenders. The result of this approach, then, is that, as much as the characters are informed by their pasts, both shared and otherwise, Reckless Season 3 there is a lot here and now. And that is now colored mainly by the Kingpin and his effort to recover what had been lost, while seeking revenge on the disguised crime fighter who put him behind bars in the first place.

D'Onofrio's Fisk was the outstanding character of the first season; established a high bar for all the Marvel Netflix series that only Kilgrave, by David Tennant, has managed to close. In the episodes made available to critics, D'Onofrio is close to improving his performance of season 1, and his presence in the first episodes helps give the general narrative the type of structure he needs. Fisk's plan is quite simple: get out of jail and take revenge on the man who ruined his life. This time, D'Onofrio plays Fisk with a more bitter edge, one that is a little more clear and dark than the emotional stalker that was in the first season. He is still motivated by his love for Vanessa, but this time his agenda is more concrete, and the effectiveness of his execution is cause for real concern regarding the future of Matt Murdock and Daredevil.

The highlight of this season, however, will be the moment when Bullseye arrives on the scene. It is in stark contrast to the last time the character was seen in live action. Although there is no reason for Netflix Reckless To try to compare itself with the feature film of 2003 starring Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell, those who are a bit cold for the characterization of Bullseye will surely find this version more to their liking.

That does not mean Reckless Season 3 is a complete triumph from top to bottom. The same Netflix problems of too many episodes that last too long are still a problem here, and the season brings its sweet and sweet moment to start. Leaving aside the problems of rhythm and narrative urgency, the new season is, however, much stronger than season 2 or The defenders, which is a great victory in any book. The season is greatly favored by the presence of convincing enemies who are a legitimate threat to the hero, physically or not, and by the great questions of the season to his secondary characters, such as: How far would you go to save someone who usually pushes you? far? The search for answers to questions like that make up a convincing first half of the season, which results in the first really boring season of a Marvel TV show since Reckless season 1.

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Reckless Season 3 will be available for broadcast on Netflix starting Friday, October 19th.

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