Daredevil Recap Season 3, Episode 5: "The perfect game"

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The perfect game

Season 3

Episode 5

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Photo: Nicole Rivelli / Netflix

From the beginning, Reckless & # 39;The third season was proposed to be a return to form, and it is amazing how literal it is in its search for that goal. Some of the things are obvious: the return of Matt to his improvised black suit, to Wilson Fisk as main antagonist, to the scenes of terrible and brutal fights. Superficial things, mostly. But the funny thing is that this season is also In close relation with the structure and dynamics of the first.

As its first season, this year's Reckless It is a story of villainous origin, which delves slowly into the story of Benjamin Poindexter, which shows the ways in which the world surrenders itself to the point where it becomes violent, in a collision course with Matt Murdock. Similarly, Murdock, always in danger of being eclipsed by more interesting antagonists, struggles with long-standing demons in an effort to be a better man. We already know the great features of his story, so instead of delving into his childhood as a whole, this season he examines Matt's faith, changing his biological father for a spiritual one.


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