Daniela the & # 39; Casados ​​& # 39; Discovered Their True Occupation – News

adminDecember 30, 2018

He leaves "Married at first sight" without being able to conquer the coveted "man in his life" but still leaves the reality show with sense of victory.

"I did not fail," says Daniela. to TV Guide magazine. "I am very positive about my participation in the program," he says.

But it was through social networks like Daniel's wife realized she might have found another way to her life.. Many of the fans, who follow her on the various platforms, see Daniela as a true advisor, and now they want help to orient themselves in life.

"I was very impressed with the impact. I checked my social networks that people ask me for help and advice. and It's not just about love affairs, is for everything. I notice they can afford, mainly to be happy or better, how to stop being sad, "she describes the same publication.

"I had no pretensions with the program, and suddenly these requests make me think. It's a way I have to go through, I feel I have to help, I don't know if it's on the internet, if that's what I want ha, find out, says Daniela.

The whole story of this week's edition of TV Guide, already in pews.

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