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adminJanuary 11, 2019

As previously reported, Daniela and Daniel separated themselves before the last episode of SIC's "Gifted at First Sight" aired. In the last appearance of the small screen, the two participants renewed their promises, but according to Daniela, the ex-man now insisted that it was so.

About three weeks after the divorce was over, Daniel's words have not gone out of their mind yet, and the rebellion remains in Daniel's heart. The seventeenth goal was to find the love of her life and long thought that the competitor who was placed in the road could be the ideal person. But already in the last stretch of the honeymoon they spent together in Pipa, Brazil, the state of grace began to fade into their great despair.

"I felt he wasn't ready for relationships" and "that he got stuck in the past," admitted Daniela in an interview with TV Guide Magazine. After that, the yoga teacher asked the motives that led the program specialists to join her with a competitor who was still worn by the problems of the previous relationship. Nevertheless, he kept his hope … This hope was strengthened when Daniel asked him to renew his promises after the end of the program, against his will.

He asked me to give him an opportunity, not to give up on him and could not imagine life without me. So Daniela gave him such an opportunity. "I had feelings for him, until afterwards I saw at home what he said to the other competitors, that he had no feelings for me," she confessed bitterly, the competitor of the program led by Diana Chaves.

After the reality show recordings were over, they were only reunited for once for two weeks. It was the end. "Until today I don't know who he is," he said. The divorce was therefore just around the corner and was completed even before Christmas. "I grieved at home and cry. It's a loss," says Daniela. Despite everything, he assured, he is "willing to maintain a friendship".

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