Daniela Ospina suspects she is deleting the tattoo in honor of James Rodríguez

adminDecember 28, 2018

James Rodríguez and Daniela Ospina they divorced in July 2017 and until September of September the rumors began on the football player's involvement the Venezuelan model Shannon from Lima, they had given so many samples of their good relationship that they themselves speculated several times as they had given another chance to and they had come back to form a family next to their daughter Salome.

However, everything seems to have changed in recent weeks when Daniela Ospina herself has glimpses in two Instagram publications. The first was December 10, the day after James Rodríguez confirmed he had restored his life with Shannon de Lima signs his first public appearance in the finals of Copa Libertadores who hosted the Santiago Bernabéu when he shared a text in his stories about family and children which was interpreted as a strong hint against the player and that she was forced to delete.

And the other was just a few hours ago, with a picture released by Daniela Ospina on his account causing a stir by claiming suspicions of having taken the step to remove from his skin a tattoo he had in honor of James Rodriguez.

In the picture it looks like the back next to his mother in the middle of nature, and the more it is called is that the design that had just below the neck in relation to the football player (the name written in Arabic and a cross on) no longer seems to have the same definition as when it was done.

Daniela Ospina has received a flood of comments on the matter, and although it has not come to anyone to clarify the doubts, the successors have not been slow to make their own theories.

Many believe he is undergoing a laser process to eliminate this tattoo that he has in memory of James Rodriguez, and many others also wonder if he will do the same with the crown both being drawn as a symbol of their love, she in the elbow and he in the chest.

James Rodríguez has spent Christmas with Shannon de Lima

While Daniela Ospina gives a lot to talk about this picture, James Rodríguez has also jumped to the news for having spent Christmas and Christmas with Shannon de Lima in Medellín that they have confirmed on Instagram.

Both footballer and model shared some pictures with their followers and, even though they were shown separately, There were some common details that they discovered, along with those dates so marked.

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