Daniela Katzenberger: Absolutely innocent! It's the only way you've ever seen the cat

adminDecember 27, 2018

Daniela Katzenberger shares the children's photos on Instagram.
Image: dpa

Christmas is the love festival. Many celebrities are celebrating with their family. So also reality icon Daniela Katzenberger, She not only celebrated Christmas with her daughter Sophia and her husband Lucas Cordalisbut also with mom Iris Klein, On Instagram, the cat even shared a very special family tradition with their fans.

Daniela Katzenberger shares youth pictures on Instagram

"In one way or another, the photo albums are always ruffled with us at Christmas," writes Daniela Katzenberger on Instagram. In addition, the cat published a picture of her communion in 1994. In the picture, the eight-year-old and still brunette Daniela Katzenberger sees innocent in the camera with her brown eyes. A reminder that really appeals to its fans. "A very nice picture with a beautiful child," writes a fan to the photo from the family album.

You don't see the Instagram image of Daniela Katzenberger? So along here.

Family Photo! The cat shows his brother

But that's not the only picture Daniela Katzenberger shares with her fans at Christmas. Another picture shows Christmas 2002 with his brother. The cat's fans are particularly excited about the dark hair color. "Wow with the dark hair you look good," one writes to the stills. "It can never be the real hair color," another says.

You don't see the Instagram image of Daniela Katzenberger? So along here.

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