Daniela discovers new profession after participation in "Married at first sight" – TV

adminDecember 29, 2018

Like any other SIC "Married to First Sight" competitors, Daniela was unable to keep the marriage. However, you may have found a call in the program. Daniel's ex-wife has found through social networks that fans see her as a good advisor and want help to be happy.

"I was very impressed … People are asking me for help and advice. And it's not just about love affairs, that's all," explained the SIC competitor to "TV Guide" magazine.

They tell her they will be happy and that they will stop being sad, which surprised Daniela. "I didn't expect anything like that … I had no pretensions with the program and suddenly these requests let me change my mind. It's a way I have to go," he says.

Although the marriage with Daniel did not go as expected, Daniela says that everything is good between the two, and she was very happy to participate in "Gift at first sight". So much so that the same magazine also says it will participate in the new SIC program, "O Carro do Amor", in January, where it will have the role of … sentimental advisor. The debut day is not yet announced.

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