Daniela Büchner: Your first Christmas without Jens

adminDecember 27, 2018

Updated December 27, 2018, 9:18

It was certainly not an easy Christmas for the widow Daniela Büchner and her children: The immigrant family had to celebrate the love festival for the first time without Dad Jens Büchner.

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Christmas after a beloved's death – a painful idea. Daniela Büchner and her children had to make this sad experience for the first time this year. The pop singer and "Goodbye Germany" star Jens Büchner died in November for many surprising lung cancer.

On Instagram, Danni Büchner now shared emotional words in a story: "And a place where you are … nonstop, we thought of you … nothing is more like you … But always you are with us on one or Otherwise, I love you my dear. "

The sentences show how incredibly hard the widow must have fallen the first Christmas without her beloved husband.

Daniela Büchner: "We are celebrating today, but differently."

Daniela Büchner also sent a picture to the team "Goodbye Deutschland". It shows the blonde dressed in black on the beach in Mallorca, where the emigrant family still lives after Jens Büchner's death. She holds the regular kids Diego and Jenna, who wear cute Christmas costumes, firmly at hand. All three look out over the ocean in the distance. Daniela Büchner writes: "We are celebrating today, but differently."

Another picture of the Instagram account of the TV series "Goodbye Deutschand" shows Büchner twins in close-up. Jenna and Diego gently smile at the camera and hold hands. Several users are touched: "Just sweet the two, Daniela, you're a strong woman alone because of the kids," one writes. Many users also want Danni Büchner and her children a lot of energy after the husband and father are dead.
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