Daniel Radcliffe explains why he will not go to see Harry Potter and the cursed boy & # 39;

adminNovember 22, 2018

Do not expect to see the original Harry Potter in an exhibition of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Daniel Radcliffe appeared on Wednesday Late at night with Seth Meyers, where he was asked about the new Broadway shows, written about the Potterverse.

"They have asked me a lot and I feel that I always give a really boring and terrible answer, I probably will not see it," he admitted. "I have no plans to do it, not because I think I would throw myself into an existential crisis like" Oh, is that what happened? "But even more, I feel it would not be a relaxing night in the theater."

Radcliffe, 29, who played the magician boy in eight movies, continued explaining: "I feel like my reaction would be monitored, and maybe that is cocky and selfish and people do not mind, but I feel like I'm surrounded by Harry Potter fanatics, it would be a bit strange. "

Presenter Meyers asked him if he would consider going in disguise, to which he replied: "What happens with a disguise is if it stops working, then you're just a guy wearing a disguise."

He continued to observe a time when he attended a music festival with his co-star, Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the movies.

"For whatever reason, because we were young, cold and nervous, we had access to old gas masks from World War II, so we put them on," he said. "And then it got very hot very fast, so we just took them off." They all went from "who are those two idiots with gas masks", to "Oh, look who it is". It was not a good feeling, that's an oath I take off the costumes. "

Radcliffe was singing a different melody about costumes in 2015, when Ashley Crossan of ET asked the British actor if he was planning to see the first Fantastic beasts movie.

"I think maybe I should go lightly disguised," he told ET at the time. "But I will definitely be [seeing it]! "

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