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  • Ex-DSDS star Daniel Küblböck has been missing since 9 September 2018
  • The singer is said to have left aboard the Aidaluna
  • A chronicle of his disappearance

Daniel Küblböck, On September 9, his short life came to a tragic end – that day, the participants of the very first DSDS squadron had left Aidaluna, and since then Küblböck has been considered a defect.

In the weeks following the cruise drama, new details came over Daniel Küblböck, his life, his sudden departure, into the light.

A chronicle of events:

Sunday September 9, 2018

At 6 o'clock, Aidaluna's passengers see a passenger jump from the ship's deck 5. The cruise ship turns, the captain starts a search. It turns out: The passenger is the 33-year-old singer Daniel KüblböckOnboard, the ship is at that time 2 200 passengers and about 600 crew.

Aida Cruises publishes more details about the accident site during the day. It should also Küblböck In the Labrador Sea, about 185 kilometers north of St. John's / Newfoundland has jumped into the water. The water temperature in the area is approx. 10.5 degrees. The Coast Guard participates in the search by plane and helicopter.

Daniel Küblbock goes overboard at Aidaluna: "Falling into the water quickly causes unconsciousness"

Christian Stipeldey from the German community for rescue of shipwreck says the picture: "Falling into the water quickly causes unconsciousness. The body can hug. A person can quickly swallow a lot of water or inhale. Half a glass of saline in the lungs is enough to be fatal and he is unconscious."

+++ This love statement made Daniel Küblböck's fans +++

Günther Küblböck, the missing person's father, said on Daniel's disappearance day picture: "I just hope that something will be fine!"

Already on the evening of 9 September, pictures of Küblböck showing him aboard the Aidaluna – are shown in women's clothes.

Also an Instagram channel like Küblböck should have heard, cause tension. Here it is sung to have shared pictures during their stay at Aidaluna.

Küblböck is said to have told the passengers on board Aidaluna that he will undergo a gender change. Even the hash tags he used during his pictures could speak for it. So it was said under a picture that Daniel Küblböck as a woman shows: #transformation and #transexual.

Curious event at Aidaluna: Passenger calls security because of Küblböck

Another passenger of Aidaluna reports on a curious event, which is said to have happened just before Küblbock's disappearance.

Küblböck had hit and kicked the door of his neighbor Sebastian Kühner. Kühner, who works as a life education with motivational coach Jürgen Höller, traveled with his mother Evelyn on Aida.

He threatened to report to Küblböck about the incident and called the ship's security. The next day, Kühner warned the ship's leadership in front of Küblböck. He told them that the entertainer is suffering from depression and has manic emotional fluctuations. The singer was allowed to stay on board, but was accommodated in the emergency cabin.

He had played an excuse for the Kühners cabinet door, which was told to Kühner's mother: "I still love you. Your daughter," he wrote on an old account. Küblböck Kühner's mother is said to have met several times with the words "Hi, Mom".

+++ This mysterious message left Daniel Küblböck shortly before he disappeared +++

Monday, September 10, 2018

Also on Monday morning some traces of ex-jungle camper are missing Daniel Küblböck, The search ends the same day. The Coast Guard spokesman for Halifax, Canada, Mark Cough, told Deutsche Press Agency on Monday.

Dania's family shares a post on the missing singer's website. write: "At the moment we can only provide an update on the dramatic events that probably occurred on the AIDAluna ship early in the morning of 9 September.
We have received the news that Daniel aboard has fallen into the water. The search signs in the air and on the sea are still looking for all day Monday. We, the family, relatives and closeness, hope for a miracle! (…) We, the family, relatives and close friends, are deeply upset and currently have no strength to comment on the events. "

+++ This emotional message is instructed by "DSDS" guide to Daniel Küblböck +++

Tuesday September 11, 2018

Gradually more details come over Daniel Küblböck to the light.

Daniel Küblböck bullied at drama school?

The singer is said to be bullied at her acting school in Berlin. In a video circulating on the internet, Küblböck accused himself of the school itself. The institution in question rejects the allegations. A statement says: "We strongly reject the demand for bullying at our school. We are deeply shocked and shocked that the student Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck disappears. ETI drama school Berlin wants to protect Daniel's privacy at the moment to make some statements about circulating rumors on the Internet."

More and more stars and companions of Daniel Küblböck speak out in social networks.

+++ Küblböck disappeared on a cruise ship: Dieter Bohlen fears the fans +++

Even Daniel's sweetheart can't believe what happened on the great ocean. In an emotional Instagram post, he writes: "Even after sad hours, it still seems surreal. Today a world has collapsed. I can't and just don't want it true. It's like being caught in a nightmare. Daniel, please, let's wake up from this bad dream! "

Cult tranny Olivia Jones makes serious claims against Küblbock's doctors. Daniel Küblböck According to her, she said he uses hormones to continue to live as a woman. "But what doctor prescribed it for him?" Ask her in the picture. And further: "I am very well known in the world of shemale. And I know that getting a sex change is not as easy as a gastroscopy."

Bunte reported on Küblbock's last night at Aidaluna. According to the report, the singer "sat down after dinner with a few people in the" Anytime "bar at Deck 12. At about two o'clock he went from the bar and went to his room on the 5th floor, his neighbors in the cabin then heard alarming screams. Küblböck should have shouted, "I'll cut my wrists."

Father of Daniel Küblböck: "Daniel is missing …"

Günther Küblböck, Daniel's father, published another statement on the singer's website. Under the title "Daniel is missing …" he writes: "Unfortunately, the great miracle that we so hoped for will not come true, we are sadly grieving for a loving person who has a great place in our hearts (… ) Daniel will always be a part of our lives – a very special person who leaves a big gap in our lives!

+++ AIDA passenger reports of "spooky" mood for drama about Daniel Küblböck +++

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The passengers on the cruise ship tell private TV station RTL what should have happened on a karaoke night aboard. Consequently, be Daniel Küblböck have been booed by other Aidaluna passengers. The incident is said to have happened just a few days before Küblbock's disappearance.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Günther Küblböck wants to clean up some speculations that circulate to the sons' disappearance. For the first time, he gives information about Daniel's health status Küblböck, denied that his son was depressed.

Daniel Küblböck: Father cleans up rumors

Günther Küblböck write: "Daniel was not depressed, but he has recently had mental health problems that can best be described as a kind of psychosis. I can totally rule out Daniel planning a suicide or planning to end his life. He can only have done so in an emergency without being aware of what he is doing and what the consequences will be, we have been very worried about his abrupt change in nature, which has shown many facets over the past few weeks, and so have done everything to prevent this journey. In Germany, however, according to information from the AIDA company, it was not possible to deny him the booked trip, so I had asked the responsible persons on the ship in advance to have a special eye on Daniel. "


Shortly after Daniel Küblböck from Aidaluna jumped, a surveillance video emerged from the table. In an interview with Bunte, Günther Küblböck talks about the scenes the camera took. So you watch the video jumping a person from the backbone to Aidaluna. "The only one missing on the ship is Daniel," says father Günther Küblböck. "That's why we suppose he is."


Also in the annual retrospect of RTL, "people, pictures, feelings", Günther Küblböck answers the question to moderator Günther Jauch. He believes that Daniel's fate could have been prevented, he even speaks of "lack of state aid". Already in the months before During the journey he discovered a significant change in his son, who became mentally more unstable, probably suffering from a psychosis.

Report: The medical history of Daniel Küblböck

The mirror revealed details from Daniel Küblbock's medical history. Consequently, the artist is said to have visited a psychologist in March 2018 due to shortness of breath, head piercing and heart racing. He suffers from fear during his symptoms. Shortly before his disappearance, Daniel Küblböck is said to have visited a neurologist. The diagnosis was shocking: Daniel Küblböck "Probably from the acute episode of schizophrenic psychosis."

Küblbock's grandmother does not want to give up hope for a reunion with her grandson. She told her son, Günther Küblböck, about one of her dreams. "My mother is 83. She dreamed that our Daniel was going to organize two men to take a small boat to Aida to wait for Daniel to jump overboard. They would have landed him and hid him for a while. "

This is the case with Daniel Küblböck

The so-called lost law regulates when a missing person is declared dead. It says: "Anyone who is lost during a sailing trip, especially as a result of the ship's sight, may be declared dead if six months have passed since the ship's sight or the other loss incident."

After the plane crashes, the time is limited to three months.

+++ For six months, a tragic decision in case of Küblböck +++

However, Daniel Küblböck's case could still use the authorities until 2092. The reason: The Canadian Police Department RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is in charge of the case now. A police spokesman told Munich tz that police should keep missing cases usually 99 years open – at least until the age of the person reaches 107. Daniel Küblböck would be 107 years old in August 2092.

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