Daniel Küblböck: Noisy voice and tears in his eyes! Kristina Bach: "It won't let you go"

adminDecember 31, 2018

It has been over three months since Daniel Küblböck disappeared from a cruise ship. But even though time often heals wounds, there are still tears that are shed. Girlfriend Kristina Bach opens her heart …

How long will it take for the pain to finally overcome Daniel Küblbock's (33) disappearance? For some it is definitely a difficult time, because it is the first Christmas that his loved ones must use without Daniel. So it is only natural that the grief comes back.

Heartbreaking words

At José Carreras Gala in Munich, Kristina Bach (56) spoke exclusively to BUNTE.de about her grief to her boyfriend and self-elected "brother" Daniel Küblböck. At the same time, it tears well in the eyes because she can no longer limit her feelings. The heartbreaking interview you see in the video above.

In the video below, Daniel Küblböck talked about death. His statements cause riddles today.

suicide note

They happened to sit next to each other in an NDR talk show. But this meeting created a deep friendship: Kristina Bach and Daniel Küblböck know each other since 2010. Clear that Kristina was hard hit by Küblböcks disappearing. She published an affected letter on her website after the missing person's report. Among other things, it said: "You had such a jump in the development behind you, and the chicens of a casting show did not seem to have harmed you sustainably. You spoke freely and convinced of hired vocal training and spontaneously singing" Fly Me to the Moon. "I thought it was great – every note was there and I expressed it. From the second we became real friends. (…) What have we laughed about and done everything." Also the last words of the shooter: "Whatever the reason, 09.09. It may have happened: you are gone and I am deeply sad and stunned. "

In the gallery you see again the most beautiful images of Daniel – so we will remember him forever.

Against his family's will

She did not stop: Nicole Prylutzki, the stylist of Daniel Küblböck, now published a biography of him. She will have known and accompanied him for a long time and will now give a private insight into his life. His parents are appalled: "It's just irreverent. Without the consent of Daniel or the family. He hasn't even been declared dead and saw something! Impossible – just money to make," wrote the wife of Daniel's father, Marianne Küblböck. The stylist, on the other hand, is not aware of any guilt: "Everyone can write a biography – no permission is required."

In the video, Robin Gasser also gives private insight into Daniel's inner life. He was with him from 2014 to 2017 and for years one of his closest confidants.

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