Daniel Bryan declares the Yes movement dead on SmackDown Live

adminNovember 21, 2018

Daniel Bryan presented a new version of himself in the WWE Universe on Tuesday night.

After his game with Brock Lesnar in Survivor Series and victory in the WWE Championship on Tuesday night on SmackDown, Bryan came out to explain his actions to WWE fans. Last week it became clear that when Bryan kicked AJ Styles with a low blow to capture the championship, he turned around and Bryan's character explained why he did it this week on SmackDown.

Throughout the promotion, Bryan spoke in the third person, constantly referring to "Daniel Bryan" as he spoke. Sometimes, he almost went into a trance by remembering his motivations and reflecting on his new attitude. It was something to contemplate and extremely captivating.

Bryan related his battle to obtain medical clearance for a return. He said that the "fight for your dreams" movement was born when he was receiving treatments in hyperbaric chambers, doing whatever was necessary to return to the ring.

He talked about how it was a miracle that he finally cleared up and said that he finally realized that he did not need the fans to make this happen. Bryan declared that the WWE Universe gave up on him and said he would do everything he had to do to make his dreams come true, so he kicked AJ Styles when he saw the chance to win the WWE Championship.

He went on to state that the "Yes Movement" is dead and mocked the crowd for cheering on AJ Styles. He called them "voluble" over and over again, implying that they had abandoned him for Styles.

In the end, Bryan forced the front-row announcer to present him as the "New Daniel Bryan" while holding the championship belt on his head.

Seriously, this promotion was out of this world. Look for it in its entirety if you missed it.

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