"Dancing on Ice": This is how the stars look to their performance

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Updated January 6, 2019, 15:53

Shortly before the launch of the new Sat1 show "Dancing on Ice", celebrities appear on Instagram's good stuff, although of course the excitement is great.

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Tonight it starts and eight dear celebrities are waiting with a professional ice skating on the new Sat1 show & # 39; Dancing on Ice & # 39; & # 39 ;. The excitement rises and via Instagram, the stars fully inform their fans of the expectation of the preparations for the big show.

Sarah Lombardi next to her little brother

She has already made a remarkable performance on "Let's Dance", now she looks forward to the ice: Sarah Lombardi will do her best on the side of professional Joti Polizoakis. On Instagram she shares her expectation and admits to being very excited.

One last spin with Sarina Nowak

It looks like the pros! Plus-size model Sarina Nowak will compete with David Vincour and already ask her to call her. The rotation can at least be seen.

Detlef Soost is ready for the big show

Kat Rybkowsi and dancer Detlef Soost are also more than ready for the great ice program. During the training, it hit 1.90 meters the man several times rude on the floor. It is still exciting how the couple will turn on the ice.

Three months of hard training will hopefully pay off today

Actor Timur Bartels is already very proud of what he and his skating partner Amani Fancy have achieved over the past three months. Even with him, the tension seems to be clearly noticeable.

John Kelly is an absolute freshman on the ice

Kelly Family Member John Kelly suffered some injuries during training – he has never been to the ice before in life. Tonight he enters the hall with the German skating champion Annette Dytrt.

First a hot drink for Désirée Nick

Whether Actress Désirée Nick actually performs tonight, decides shortly before the show. The 62-year-old had injured himself during the training and suffered a torn muscle. Last week she had made herself comfortable with a hot drink on the ice.

Aleksandra Bechtel is full of expectation

TV presenter Aleksandra Bechtel does not seem to be able to wait for his great achievement. She will swing the skis with Mats Landgrad and hopefully inspire the audience.

Even professional bobsled Kevin Kuske dares to beat the ice tonight, but is still covered on Instagram. (NAS)
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Celebrities and well-known athletes will go on ice in 2019. In Sat.1, "Dancing on Ice" presents their skating skills along with an ice dance professional. These experts will evaluate their performance.

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