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adminJanuary 7, 2019

These goosebumps definitely did not come from the cold ice!

Sunday night Sat.1 started "Dancing on Ice" – and John Kelly (51) made it a very warm heart.

In the program (six episodes, on Sunday 20:15 clock) occur in the same way as "Let & # 39; s Dance" eight celebrities and perform along with professional art skaters.

For John Kelly and the other celebrities, the rehearsals began in October. His experiences so far on the ice? Zero. Kelly: "It's the first time." Very bumpy and cautious were the first steps. So: a fall during the training. At first glance, not bad, but John Kelly was confused, Abbruch thought, "After this first fall, I became very aware of how dangerous this ice is. I play guitar and that's my job – the dad is there." But his desire participating in the show was bigger.

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John Kelly made an emotional appearance but still has technical work on himselfPhoto: Agency People Image

The music for the performance: "Who Will Come With Me" by The Kelly Family. The song was successful from 1979, John Kelly sang in it at the age of twelve, at that time wanted to be a dancer himself. Then came the great career and he could not continue the dance dream. At "Dancing on Ice" he finally danced to "his" song on the ice!

Incredibly emotional, emotional, a little tense, Kelly and his dance partner Annette Dytrt walked the hall, filled with the child's voice. Goosebumps.

Williams, pointing a bit too theatrically on her heart: "John, you have an extraordinary talent coming from here. You have a magic to touch people like you did when you were a kid."

Yet there was also criticism. Because although emotionally everything fits, it was technically on Kufen-Kelly still. Expert Daniel Weiss (50): "You have to be a little freer, let go, practice pace."

Ingrate out for Désirée Nick

The evening's disappointment was not a performance, but a decision by spectators and jury: As the oldest candidate, Désirée Nick (62) had a torn muscle but still dared to look! Thanks to the ballet training she partially swam over the ice, sometimes she saw unevenly on her legs.

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Despite a torn muscle, Desirée drifted on the icePhoto: Agency People Image

But her beauty and her grace animated the evening. Tasting: "My name is the geriatric IT girl, and you have to bother your body because otherwise your body will start to bother." Nick also turned: "I can't skate, though Drop it until you do it"Nevertheless, it was not enough for the end to progress – the show is therefore a bit poorer.

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"data-zoom-src =" https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/desiree-nick-flog-in-der-auftaktsendung-raus-201019083-59395350/Bild/1.bild.jpg "/>

Desirée Nick flew into the opening shipmentPhoto: Agency People Image

The rules of "Dancing on Ice"

In "Dancing on Ice", the four jury members award up to ten points, so a maximum of 40 points can be achieved. But that's only half of the score – the other half is settled by viewer calls. The two weakest pairs come up in the so-called "skate off" against each other. Here, only the jury decides who was really worse and flies out.

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