Dance with the stars rigged? A journalist expresses suspicions and believes that he already knows the name of the winner … (video)

adminNovember 30, 2018

"I do not know if it's rigged," begins the journalist from "On the other hand, the wording can be used. When we have personalities, such as promo singers who have tours, we can not commit ourselves to so much time in several weeks."

"Of course, arrangements are a little wise to favor some of the candidates, get them a bit," he said again to meet Valerie Benaïm. He does not think that a star can give a concert by being involved in DALS 9, explaining that it would be impossible because the show takes seven days out of seven.

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Kevin Vatant also spoke of the many injuries that occurred during this ninth season, calling them buzz. "Pictures where we see firefighters come out saying that it's a very big harm, but a few days later, it gives us a great choreography worthy of a professional dancer, I do not believe it."

Finally, Morandini's journalist claims to already know the winner of the show: "Since we spent a lot of time on the sexy and glamorous side of Clement Remiens when he worn at the beginning, I think it will be him. Furthermore, the majority of DALS consists of young girls who vote, Clement Remiens attracts them. I will look for him instead. "

The final of the show takes place this Saturday at 21:00 on TF1, finishes the excitement and nominates the winner of this show.

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