Dance with the stars 9: Terence Telle makes a nice statement to Shy's

adminNovember 26, 2018

Terence Telle left Dance with the stars 9. Eliminated in the semifinal, the model does not mean to say goodbye to Shy's. The singer is warned: the beautiful boy is completely in love.

He was not very long the big unknown Dance with the stars. If no one had heard of Terence Telle on launch of season 9 the show, the manikin returned to the floor of the TF1. The handsome boy made sparks with his partner Fauve Hautot by qualifying for the semifinals. One step he did not even think about reaching for a womb he had benefited from medical package.

Unfortunately, this Saturday, November 24, Terence Telle lost to Clement Remiens and Iris Mittenaere at the doors of the finals. No more primitive to jaw before the young man's muscular torso and marvel at the choreography of Fauve Hautot: the candidate left the competition. And although his partner will miss him a lot, he has launched a last challenge on social networks. " I want a last dance with you on the day of the final. And I'm the one who does chore this time He said at Instagram.

Terence Telle under the shadow of Shy's

If Terence Telle looks forward to seeing Fauve Hautot this Saturday, December 1st for the ultimate prize of Dance with the stars 9he will most likely be able to find Shy's. The model and the singer had shared a dance together in the quarterfinals. A moment that remains engraved for the young man who no longer conceals his fascination with the very sexy lawyer of the program. Asked by Tele-Loisirs about her close proximity to the young woman on the show, Terence Telle entrusted all her admiration for her.

" Shy is a very charming woman, I find her funny, intelligent, so she obviously likes many people, including me. We have many things in common. And for a prize, she complimented me and said that my performance had put hearts in her eyes and everything was packed He explained. A nice statement which he does not intend to be pleased with: I really hope we will keep in touch because he is an extraordinary person "There is no doubt that Shy will not break the bridge with the beautiful Apollo.

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