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adminJanuary 7, 2019

Lives in Kartepe, Kocaeli See Ömer's full profile (20), world-famous social media phenomenon Dan Bilzerian was invited to America by. Ömer Okkalı, who was deposited on the account money account, will take İzmit regretted and Kocaelispor weft as a gift to America.

Ömer Okkalı, who lives in Kartepe and shares his life with a relative, saw the story shared by Instagram by the famous social media phenomenon Dan Bilzerian. After that, Omer Okkalı, who changed his life, sent a message to Dan Bilzerian with the message "Hello Dan Bilzerian." I'm a big fan of you. I want to come to America. He wrote. Dan Bilzerian responded as soon as possible, "What can I do to help you?" Ömer shared his phone number with Ömer. Ömer Okkalı, who contacted Dan Bilzerian's law, was paid 5,000 dollars the same day as his ticket money. Ömer Okkalı, who bought tickets to John F. Kennedy airport in New York, counts days to go to America and meet Dan Bilzerian at the end of the month.

"Five thousand dollars came to my account"

Can't believe Dan Bilzerian to look at his own story. Ömer Okkalı said: "I was on Instagram. I was in my bed, I shared the story. I saw a look." Dan looked. This time I took a screenshot and sent it to my friends. Agram My friends thought I was a liar first. My parents slept. Then I thought, "I don't make a road, I have to say something. This is the possibility for everyone. Then I left the second message, but I still don't believe it. Then I got a phone call from New York. Tarz Tarz It was an English-speaking woman when I opened it, I could not talk about anything, Kem did it, I did not know what to say, 15-20 minutes later the phone rang again, and then I was at work, I was very excited. Open a translation program from elsewhere, this time the other was calling in Turkish, asking me to send me my details, and I couldn't believe it at first, and I found someone who spoke Turkish quickly, and I thought about it, I thought On it, I was pretty away or not, was it right or was there anything else in the industry? I threw my information. This information can also go to worse places when I was afraid of a lot of money.

"My family doesn't know yet"

Okkalı said he did not know he was yet to be family-American, "My mother, my father does not know the situation. I did not know that I would normally fame so quickly. I did not expect to spread to Turkey this event. She only knew my close friends in social media, foreign people on me, so follow did not just make friends.I think this event would only stay social media thousand takipçil in common and on one side, then it spread to the whole of Turkey in one night "My mother, my father didn't see it yet. I'm going to tell them this night, but I don't know how to say it," he said.

Izmit will introduce

Omer Okkalı, who told Dan Bilzerian that he would regret it, said:

"At the moment only I know my friends and everyone was very surprised. I think the best way possible when we get there is my time. My goal especially in Izmit to announce to the whole world. I want to make her a nice outside return to Turkey Go to Dan side of America, here I want to go with Izmit Pismaniyesi and Kocaelispor scarves. I will give it to him, I will regret the whole world and spread Kocaelispor's reputation. "

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