DALS9: Anthony Colette cries in the arms of Iris Mittenaere!

adminNovember 28, 2018

The end of Dance with the stars season 9 is approaching. Iris Mittenaere and her collaborator Anthony Colette have trouble making up their minds …

The pressure rises for Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette. Saturday, December 1, will be held Grand Final of Dance with the stars 9. It will oppose Iris Mittenaere and Clement Remiens. Obviously, couples are already nostalgic about leaving each other. Especially Anthony Colette … MCE tells you everything.

Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette are preparing for the final

There have been months that the candidates train. They are now ready for the final. The last prize of Season 9 of Dance with the stars so approaches quickly. Saturday, December 1, Iris Mittenaere and Clément Remiens will meet one last time. Accompanied by partner, Anthony Colette and Denitsa Ikonomova, respectively. In addition to the dance, the candidates associate themselves true friendship with his partner.

Since the beginning of the competition, Miss France has provided everything she can to offer such amazing plays. And the least we can say is that it works. Because every week she finds herself in top of the rankings. Strong dancer. And sometimes sensual. Each choreography drives her into the top of the ranking. Result: Even injured, the beautiful young woman managed to qualify for the final. Just say it right away. His partner also has his role to play. And in between, the flow passes.

Anthony Colette in tears in the arms of Iris Mittenaere

Since the start of a competition, they do not leave each other anymore. Anthony Colette and Iris Mittenaere seem to come closer. Dangerous. To complete, closer than ever. Also many rumors already announce them to couples. But Iris Mittenaere preferred to play cards of discretion. The only one we are sure of: This adventure will bring them closer together. And the young woman can not say the opposite.

Also two days before the end they are both nostalgic. In a video revealed by the production of the show, Anthony Colette reveals himself. He then makes a beautiful and decent statement to his partner. "I'm very happy to have lived this adventure with you. I could not dream better as a partner. It's a ball in my stomach to tell me it's over. If we win or not, I do not care if it That's what the young man said. Before breaking into tears in the arms of Iris Mittenaere. You can also watch the video there!