Daily, second half of November 29, 2018 – Daily with Yann Barthès

adminNovember 29, 2018

Find the full replay of the first part of Daily on November 29th. On the set, Yann Barthes receives Robert Badinter for his book "Idiss" and comedian Thomas VDB.
Reunion ends its 13th day with blockage under the background of demonstrations of yellow vests. Thirteen days of collision that sometimes violate the police and where there has been anger and indignation of the inhabitants. We are talking about it with Baptiste des Monstiers on the spot.
Robert Badinter publishes "Idiss", a story about his grandmother's story, from his flight from Russia until his arrival in a free Paris for the arrival of war and Naziism. He is on daily life to talk about it.
He was a music journalist, he is now a comedian, and he is above all at the theaters of La Cigale for the show "Good Dog Dog" for some more dates. We talk to him about dogs, necessarily, cig, ecology and music. Thomas VDB is on the set of Daily.
For his Petit Q, Willy Papa debriefs us the pair of socks that should not be missed, Laurent Macabiès talks about Nicolas Dupont-Aignan at BFM in Morning Glory, Pablo Mira gives us his press review of haternes this week and Étienne Carbonnier summarizes PSG Liverpool The battle.

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