Cyntoia Brown, the young victim of sex trafficking who commuted the sentence for murder after supporting her as known as Rihanna or Kim Kardashian

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian-West defended her public and human rights activists called for her conviction to be considered.

This Monday the requirements were met.

The outgoing governor of Tennessee, Republican Bill Haslam, was commended to prison Cyntoia Brown, a 30-year-old American woman arrested in 2004 to shoot Johnny Allen, a 43-year-old real estate agent who had been shot in the head. hired his services as a prostitute.

Brown, who was 16 when the events took place, was punished as an adult. In 2006, the jury found guilty of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery, and Brown was sentenced to death without the possibility of qualifying for parole until 2055.

Now, in one of his last decisions before leaving the office on January 19, the governor became Haslam announced that the sentence will be commuted for trial as of August 7th.

At that time, Brown will have spent 15 years in prison.

Transformation and hope

"Cyntoia Brown engaged, she admitted, a terrible crime when she was 16," wrote the Tennessee Governor in the statement and announced her decision.


"Still, imposing a lifetime on a young woman who would mean earning at least 51 years of punishment before she could be a parole candidate is too serious, especially considering the extraordinary steps Brown has taken to rebuild his life.

"The transformation must be accompanied by hope," he added.

Haslam refers to the good performance and educational progress that Brown has made in these years. The woman finished high school and completed a diploma in prison.

In response to the sentence of the sentence, Brown declared that he would do everything possible to correspond with Governor Haslam's faith in her.

"I am grateful for all the support, prayer, and encouragement I have received"Brown said in a statement.


"We really earn a god of other chances and new beginnings. The Lord has taken my hand all this time and would never have survived without Him. "

What happened

The story of Brown received a lot of attention in the United States, and the young woman won the support of personalities such as singer Rihanna, celebrity Kim Kardashian-West and NBA star LeBron James who popularized hashtag #FreeCyntoiaBrown (#LiberenaCyntoiaBrown) ..

Human rights activists condemned the years of abuse and forced prostitution that Brown suffered during his youth to ask the governor for love.

According to court documents, Brown's mother, addicted to alcohol and drugs, gave her for adoption when she was little. When she was 16, Brown ran away from her adoptive family and began living in a motel with a pimp that raped her and forced her to become a prostitute.

In 2004, real estate agent Johnny Allen applied for his service at a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, and after agreeing to pay $ 150 to have sex, he took her home.

Once there, according to Brown's account, Allen showed him his collection of firearms by telling him he had been a sniper in the army.

He grabbed methree My legs grabbed me very hard. I started thinking that he was going to hit me or do something like that … ", Brown told during the trial.

Shortly afterwards, according to Brown's account, Allen turned to the other side of the bed and she felt panic at the thought that the man was looking for a weapon.

That's when he shot her in the head with a gun in her purse. Then he ran away from the house, took money and two Allen's weapons.


legislation Amendment

Following Cyntoia Brown's case, the laws of Tennessee changed.

Current state legislation classifies as victims and not as prostitutes minors like Brown who are sexually exploited.

Under this law, Brown would not have been convicted as a prostitute who killed a client but as a victim of sex trafficking. Therefore, she would not have been sentenced to imprisonment in life.

Nevertheless, Jeff Burks, the prosecutor who won the punishment against the girl, told local media last year that it does not change the perception of what happened.

"I think she did what she wanted to do, and unfortunately she wanted to kill that man and take her stuff."

Burks said that it was young and beautiful, should not free her from answering what she was doing.

"She wasn't just someone who made a mistake. He was a very dangerous person. THe made his decisions. She is beautiful, intelligent and eloquent, so people have decided to support their cause. Let's not forget his crime, "the prosecutor said.

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