CUTREMUR on TV. Cut into live meat. Termination of contracts at the beginning of the year. A fans of the fans were kicked out

adminJanuary 11, 2019

"FanArena" where he was the presenter was taken over by Lili Sandu, according to

"I'm happy to get back on the small screens and I'm fortunate to be part of the Channel D team and it was a great experience for me and what I've lived there will definitely remember my whole life "I was and I'm a fan and there was no better place for me to enjoy this show phenomenon. Is where with my guests, I will try to find out all kinds of information about the athletes of the two teams. We will comment on the situation in The competition and we will know best about the competition through their close friends who will join us on the plateau. This year it is full of great surprises and I hope you are with me to share with you! "Sa Lili Sandu.

What did Viorica Dancila, at Athenaeum, do to all European officials! It was … Everyone watched him for a long time!

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