Cut your hair to forget about ex?

adminDecember 30, 2018

it amorous fractures they are a situation that at some point in life affects both women and men, which is evident in every person who faces it through different attitudes, Depending on the personality of each individual.

But in women, this stage has become clearer since, in large majority, its loving break match with hair changes.

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This condition, which is usually cause depression, has been balanced with the satisfaction of making one change the image of the hair, that only hairstyle is not enough anymore. Now women Cut without fear or change color, Being some small changes and others extremely extreme.

Changes during this situation have become so common in the world that it has already become a trend with the right name. it breakup haircut (breaking haircuts) has positioned itself so strongly that even celebrities who have gone through breakups In their relationships, they have joined this trend and through social networks have shared them changes in appearance.

Although many have cataloged in social networks, this attitude is one variety of immaturity, others have applauded it when they considered it positive to have their own change, also to be a "healthy way to bring depression".

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several experts in psychology has agreed that this trend is positive as it serves therapy to improve mood by someone who goes through a love break.

Spanish psychologist Jara Pérez did one analysis of this phenomenon which is mostly taken to women and explained that it is a attitude with an important symbolism.

"Long hair is old hair and it also cuts the cut past," the specialist says in dialogue with the newspaper El País. Similarly, he points to it Make a change in hair a message is generated before the community "What are you changing?"

The expert believes that it is one kind of rituals the Make people feel better emotionally both with themselves and with society since it generates the feeling that "you have control of your own life".

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