Cristina's call was also a theme in Você na TV – A Televisão

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Manuel Luís Goucha brought to his program today, the call yesterday. In a game record, the morning's host played with his program colleague, Maria Cerqueira Gomes.

When they got Badoxa, who left Dance with the stars, the music – ghost – said that Mary had already regretted leaving the Gateway, all because she had to dance with the music. To return to his "old house", Badoxa assured that it could only happen if Pinto da Costa opened an exception. Well, it was at this point that the North American presenter said, "Ah, President", referring to the leader of the blues and whites, but Goucha responded quickly: "Don't call the president or he'll still call."

A statement that shows that in addition to being aware of the competition, they will have realized the political reach of Marcelo's call to the SIC.

It is recalled that after the conversation yesterday morning, the President of the Republic justified the conversation as an equality act, since he had given a good interview to Manuel Luís Goucha.

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