Cristina recognizes the difficulty of defeating Goucha and TVI. "It takes 12 years of victory" – The Television

adminJanuary 7, 2019

January 7 was marked by his official arrival in Impresa, yet the former Queluz presenter forgot what had to be done to achieve the victory of the program co-hosted by Manuel Luís Goucha, teaching her the work that awaits her.

"I won after two years of being in." You on TV! I don't have this idea that today's start is winning every day. I know people need to look. They must stay. I'll start over. The other side takes 12 years of victory, told Malveira "saloia" to journalists.

Despite acknowledging that the coming times will be a lot of work and a tough fight, Cristina, who also stands out as a business woman, is confident of herself and recognizes her qualities in the area. "I feel confident in my work""said the host to a question that attempted to measure her confidence in the victory of her project.

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