Cristina Hurtado & # 39; Boleteo & # 39; a follower who made an obscene comment

adminDecember 28, 2018

Everything happened after a publication on Instagram. Cristina Hurtado & # 39; Boleteo & # 39; a follower who made an obscene comment.

In the picture you can see the hostess with short blouse and shorts.

The picture certainly showed his followers' attention, but one was making an inappropriate comment.

He assured Cristina would "suck completely" and it bothered the presenter.

Therefore, she did not speak to answer: "How do you like this character? Understand yourself that way, you will not be ashamed of your family and friends?"

Next picture with the comment and the answer from the Colombian presenter:

Cristina Hurtado & # 39; Boleteo & # 39; a trailer

Screenshot Instagram Cristina Hurtado Screenshot Instagram Cristina Hurtado

It was recently known that the presenter apparently did not accept an offer from RCN to return to the channel.

"Cristina Hurtado was called to present Challenge 4 elements: extreme nature, of the RCN channel. Although the offer was tempting, he did not accept it because among his requirements was to enter into an exclusivity contract for several years, just as he has with Channel 1, and RCN's offer was only for a few months, TVyNovelas said.

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