Cristina Ferreira's mother wanted to give her daughter another name: "My father had some common sense and didn't leave it"

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The name of Full professional skill is in the world mouths, much because of the premiere of Cristina's program on SIC, which took place Monday, January 7, but also for everything she has accomplished throughout her career.

But did you know that this name was close to being another? In fact, the presenter could be called in another way, if it were not for the father to put a "brake" on the mother's choice.

The former Manuel Luís Goucha and Cláudio Ramos was chatted under the new project in Channel 3, and both ended up revealing caricature situations of their childhood.

Cristina would call herself Gerusa. But there is an explanation: The presenter's mother wanted her daughter to have the same name as one of the characters in the favorite play, "Gabriela."

"My mother wanted me to be Gerusa. My father had some common sense and said," No, the girl must call herself Cristina. The other name you put what you want, "he said.

Cláudio Ramos was to be Margarida

Claudio Ramos also revealed his mother's desire. "I was meant to be daisy. My mother wanted. Very. From the bottom of my heart. "He didn't get it," Cristina asks. "I tried to make him want," Claudio replied shockingly.

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Text: Márcia Alves; Pictures: Reproduction Instagram

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