Cristina Ferreira "sorry that you have ordered a house of 500 square meters" – Know how many steps you have to take from one end to the other of the studio

adminJanuary 9, 2019

After two days of Cristina's program on SIC, the presenter is already tired of going the new "house".

"I'm sorry I ordered a house of 500 square meters," he said. Full professional skill in the program on this Tuesday, January 8th.

Then she took off her high-heeled orange shoes and ran to the living room, barefoot.

It is remembered that in addition to this division there are seven more: bedroom, kitchen, entrance, garage, bathroom, office and garden.

The decoration, carefully maintained, was responsible for the Kinda Home brand.

Number of Steps Cristina Ferreira must take from one end of the studio to the other

Our site was in the presentation of the program and managed to count the number of steps that the ex-presenter of TVI has to provide between the office and the room, that is, from one end of the studio to the other: 50!

But there are several curious figures. Look here.

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Text: Mariana de Almeida; Pictures: Playing Instagram and DR

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