Cristina Ferreira reveals that Goucha wanted to leave the morning – The Television

adminDecember 29, 2018

Cristina Ferreira spoke for the first time without shame for leaving TVI, in a long interview with the weekly Expresso, a newspaper by the group Impresa, owner of SIC.

Fearless of the answers she gave to the journalist, Cristina Ferreira assumed that everything in her career at TVI, at home where she started as a About me and shortly afterwards he gave the opportunity to join, along with Manuel Luís Goucha, in the leading morning study program, the You on TV.

It was Júlia Pinheiro who took her to You on TV and told her that she would be able to take the challenge and claim the Portuguese television card.

Cristina confirms that she had some fear of being Goucha's "bibelô", a situation that never happened to conquer her place.

The presenter also reveals that when she accepted the entertainment program, Manuel Luís Goucha was weakened by the low audiometric results, the reason he also used Cristina Ferreira. In fact, both believe that the experience gave them "common learning".

The SIC proposal made Cristina Ferreira fear that she left Goucha, but ended up assuming the same, and not giving even business space to TVI. "I just went to TVI to report that I was leaving. I didn't give room to make a counter-proposal"He says.

Also during the interview, the presenter said that she believes that departure will not lead to the decline of Manuel Luís Goucha, who now has a program with a new outfit and a new colleague. He also pointed out that in the many conversations he had with his companion, he told him "Dozens of times I wanted to leave in the morning".

He adds that he does not believe he will fight against Manuel Luís Goucha, since he will work on another project he had dreamed for a while.

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