Cristina Ferreira makes a "radical cut" with the past. Return to the hairstyle of a child – The Television

adminJanuary 8, 2019

After announcing their transfer to Carnaxide, it appeared in all public events on the station with the same image it had in the time when it integrated the images of Queluz de Baixo. Today, a few hours of the premiere, so for one Radical cut With the picture of the past, the presenter changed her appearance. "I cut it today at 8am, so I ran the risk that I didn't like to see my hair short", the presenter said between laughter.

The purpose of Cristina Ferreira was to "To begin again, even in the question of the image". The goal seems to have been achieved, as it was the first time he came up with a similar hairstyle. "I don't think I've ever worn my hair so short on TV", suppose.

Although the small screen is new, the fact that short hair is not unknown by the presenter of Malveira, and this is also a way to return to childhood. "I used to have hair that was always too short. I don't know why my mother had her hair short, The communicator says between laughter.

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