Cristina Ferreira invites former boss to rival

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Júlio Magalhães plots Maria Cerqueira Gomes and long-term friend help.

Cristina Ferreira's program in the morning at SIC continues to talk. In addition to overcoming the audience from day to day, the speech show host has been present by several personalities of loved ones to the viewers. This Thursday was no exception. Júlio Magalhães invaded the & # 39; of Salão da Malveira to make his favorite sweet: Star eggs with sugar.

However, the presence of the current director of the Porto Canal in Cristina Ferreira's program is seen as a "betrayal" by Maria Cerqueira Gomes.

Everything because the journalist missed the farewell party to the present mate of Goucha when he left the port's nortenha. Now he came out with open arms next to the new star in SIC, a long-standing friend.

In yesterday's show, Cristina returned to beat former TV partner Manuel Luís Goucha in the hearings.

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