Cristina Ferreira explains new look – Presents cuts hair just before the premiere

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Full professional skill bet on new look, consisting of very short hair, for the big day debut on SIC. But this change in appearance was not planned in advance. It's just that the star "magic box" cut your hair a few minutes before it got on the air.

In the conversation with the journalists shortly after the end of "Cristina program, the presenter agreed that the vision changed with 8 am. "I like to do these things when no one is waiting. I don't think I've had such short hair. Today I decided that there had to be a radical cut here. I cut it today at 8 am. to see my short hair. Everyone said "you don't want to cut, you don't want to cut!" And I said, "I'll cut it because I want it to be a cut with everything." It really starts again, even in the image problem, "he explained.

"I felt very at home"

Cristina Ferreira is brilliant and ensures that she doesn't feel like she is starting over. "Strangely, I felt that this was my life forever. I felt very at home. I thought it would be strange because it was brand new, but I really enjoyed being here today. When I did the first course, I thought That my legs would shake and I didn't want to. It was fine. It was before I opened the door that I went down a bit. "

Then it reveals that the team was concerned about the possibility that the big star of the program falls asleep. "I came here today at 6:50 am with the team calling me almost for fear of falling asleep. And with the whole team I tell you I didn't sleep almost anything. The team was formed three weeks ago, we didn't have much time. I had time to think, but I didn't have much to do. "

Last minute details

And it wasn't just the hair she cut at the last minute. Also the studio bed was made only this Monday. "I was there to get the closet and today I made my bed! No one makes the bed for me! And today at 7:30 in the morning I made the bed with a colleague of mine. There were details here that moved me and what I It was here today at 9:30, that I realized I was here, and then I broke a little, but it was a loss of happiness, and I think it helped me calm down. "

Cristina says she is anxious about the first reactions. "I'm very curious to see the program, to try to understand the first reactions. But I feel it, no matter what the result is, that's what I wanted to do. And it leaves me alone."

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Text: Ricardina Batista with Raquel Costa; Pictures: Paula Alveno

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