Cristina Ferreira celebrates Goucha and takes over as the morning leader of national television – A Television

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Winning week for Cristina Ferreira. The expectation of knowing who would win the public war between SIC and TVI was great, but after the first collection of programs, Manuel Luís Goucha's former colleague in "Você na TV" was thus becoming more and more the morning queen of national television.

The numbers do not wonder. Doubts about who would get the best, "student" or "teacher" were many, but Cristina Ferreira deleted them and put in the crisis house where he was born on a professional level. On the opening day of SIC, "Cristina's Program" reached almost double the audience of "Você na TV". The Carnaxide station antenna voted around 671,000, while only 375,000 chose to see Manuel Luís Goucha and Maria Cerqueira Gomes.

On the second day, the crisis remains on the sides of Queluz de Baixo. Once again, the numbers are devastating. SIC's morning entertainment program returned to management and was seen by more than 274,000 viewers than the competition channel.

Given the numbers, it is reminded that TVI has already met Manuel Luís Goucha in an emergency to understand what solutions are needed to return the station's management. The constant controversy, especially after the interview with Mário Machado and motivated several complaints by viewers with Regulatory Entity for Social Communication, does not favor the presenter, 64, whose decisions are being forced due to the fall of the public in favor of Cristina Ferreira.

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