Cristina declares her colleague: "My calm, my shelter" – Tv Media

adminJanuary 8, 2019

It's an intense relationship … and there is a lot of compassion. This is how Cristina Ferreira describes the relationship with the man who is next to "from the beginning of dreams".

And this man is João Patrício, who came to date with Rita Ferro Rodrigues and Rute Marques, according to advancements to Flash !, and in recent years, "shelter" by Cristina Ferreira … because he is responsible for the content of & # 39; Cristina's Program & # 39; which debuted this Monday on the SIC.

"I still can't take it. I can't. This picture was taken at 9.30 am. It was the moment I broke. I cried and I released all the excitement and pressure in the last few months. I had the day. Must thank everything but much to this man. Joao. He has been with me since the dream started. It would have been harder without him. It's my peace, my shelter. It's mine, "wrote Cristina Ferreira in a message addressed to Patricio .

Before joining Cristina Ferreira, João Patrício worked for Fátima Lopes on TVI. In fact, this change of "camisola" raised a controversy, forcing the presenter to clarify the topic: "In life, you are making connections. You bring people to your family. Some are at home. These, go with you wherever you go".

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