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adminDecember 31, 2018

Gissel takes in a luxury villa: Mišel Matičević as employee Mike and Cecilia Steiner as a "rich child" Leonie Seematter. picture: daniel winkler

Yesterday was the Swiss crime scene – these are the reactions

Last night was the 15th Swiss crime scene with Commissioners Liz Ritschard and Reto Flückiger. The name: "eat or die".

The plot:

Although a murder happens, but this is only a small part of the story for a while. The main drawing is a runaway hostage. Lacquer tracks in a parking lot and damaged in front of the house leads investigator duo Liz Ritschard (Delia Mayer) and Reto Flückiger (Stefan Gubser) to Anton Seematter (Roland Koch). However, the heavy CEO of a company called Swisscoal is currently involved in a hostage taking, as the detectors call at the door. A man has surprised the daughter Leonie (Cecilia Steiner) and his wife Sofia Seematter (Katharina von Bock).

Strange things go wrong until it becomes clear that "Eat or Die" is not a common thriller, but a mix of social drama, chamber play and comedy with Splatterfilm is approaching. In short: Ritschard and Flückiger also fall into the host company, although this is neither very malicious nor intentional or particularly smart actions.

The German unemployed Mike Liebknecht (Mišel Matičević) is actually a poor swallow with a big heart. Because of Anton Seematter he has lost his job and out of love for his son, for whom he must pay alimony, he has now traveled with a gun to Switzerland to personally get the missing money. But he didn't think much about how this action was going.


The Swiss crime scene is quite well received by the viewers. And even though the "mirror" gave the thriller only three out of ten points.

Many users praise the choice of music. Joe Cocker was used with "I Put A Spell On You" or Johnny Cash with "Danny Boy".

The actors almost get away well through the band.

The spectators are happy with Switzerland.

The Gisler takers seemed difficult and got some sympathy from the audience.

Of course, there are also complainants.

Too many clichés have been served, says this Twitter user.

The scene, where most of the audience had to think twice about their heads: The daughter succeeds briefly to go to the phone and then write this message.

This user is happy that we do not need to play world police. It was actually a lot of banging and not exactly accurate.


Your opinion?


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