"Crime scene: eat or die": five questions about Lucerne's crime history

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For the second last time on Sunday night, a "crime scene" flickered from Lucerne on the TV. Reto Flückiger and Liz Ritschard will no longer be regarded as Swiss Commissioners in a few months after the upcoming movie. Five questions about the nearby end of the Lucerne researchers and about their current case "Eat or Die".

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Why is this "crime scene" closed?

Above all, it was the miserable quotes that stopped the Lucerne location and the long established Flückiger and Ritschard teams. Especially the beginning of the 2018 bold experiment in the "crime scene: the music dies last" went back a good deal. Although they themselves won the director's award and were celebrated by the critics, but the 88 minutes without cuts and much improvisation fell by the audience relentlessly. Only just under five million spectators and partially harmful comments led to the end of Lucerne "crime". Although it has been rumored for a long time about an Aus.

What about the Swiss crime scene?

The last Lucerne thriller was already off in November. "The elephant in the room" will be sent in the spring of 2019, but then the end of the Swiss offshoot in the popular crime series is not. The new team will take over in Zurich's big city and contribute as usual two films a year. What the concept will look like and which actors follow in the Commission's footsteps is not yet clear. They want to "create a coherent world" and therefore still need development work, says SRF. You may be curious.

What do the actors say about departure?

If you give credit to actress actor Stefan Gubser, then the end of his character hardly gives any headache. After so many consequences, the development potential of the role is exhausted: "Reto Flückiger has reached its peak," he told "Schweizer Illustrierte". He liked the role very much, but playing the same character for so long could be boring. His colleague Delia Mayer gives similar reasons in an interview with the newspaper "Bild": "We had an intense time together, but almost eight years it is long. It is always good to leave the party before the chairs on Stå and sweep the table."

Why does the episode from the "crime scene" from Switzerland often seem a bit artificial?

The Swiss offshoot has a special feature throughout the "crime scene" cosmos: It is synchronized. In the original he is shot at Schwyzerdütsch, later called for high German ARD – with a local effect of course. This often meets with the rejection of many fans – and of course a lot of evil in the web. In the latter case, this was partly better resolved, as the main character Mišel Matičević, German and spoke to him mostly in the original version of high German. Only small parts were synchronized this time.

How do you know the kidnapper Mike Liebknecht?

The protagonist, kidnappers Mike Liebknecht, is played by German actor Mišel Matičević. Born in Berlin in 1970, Matičević has Croatian roots and has appeared in a number of television and cinema productions. Most recently, he has attracted attention with his role in the award-winning series "Babylon Berlin" as "Der Armenier". There he played a heavy underground Berlin size and the boss of Moka Efti. (Dr)
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