Crew member on the set of Tom Hanks & # 39; Mr. Rodgers Film Falls 2 stories

adminOctober 12, 2018

A 65-year-old man fell two stories from a building while on the set of the Tom Hanks movie titled Mr. Rodgers in Pennsylvania.

The man, who has not been identified, was a member of the crew of the next Hanks movie, confirms PEOPLE. The Lebanon police chief, Aaron Lauth, told PEOPLE that the production member was "taking a break" when he collapsed and fell off the balcony of the building.

"Basically, he seems to have suffered a medical emergency while on the balcony," says Lauth. "I was taking a break and smoking a cigarette when it fell."

"He fell off the second floor of the building. Other members of the crew were inside the building, but not on the balcony. They realized that he was not there and they saw him fall to the ground, "he continues.

"A doctor was on the set and when they realized that he was not breathing, they started to perform CPR," he says. "He was taken to a trauma hospital not far away. They are trying salvage measures now. "

Lauth adds that man is in critical condition.

Hanks, 62, was on the set all day, says Lauth. It is still unclear if he was on the set at that time.

A representative of the actor did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comments. A spokesperson for Big Beach Films, the film's producer, also did not respond immediately to PEOPLE's request for comments.

The Oscar winner made headlines in late September when Sony Pictures released the first photo of the actor dressed as Fred Rodgers.

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He imagined him smiling happily at the camera in a bright red sweater that was placed over a button-down shirt and a tie over khaki pants, the familiar attire reminiscent of Mr. Rogers.

The film will focus on the unlikely friendship of Rogers with award-winning journalist Tom Junod, who met the television personality while writing a 1998 profile on the star for Don magazine.

The film will hit theaters in October 2019.

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