Creates ceramics and looks like Valhala. Tibor is a Slovak viking, who loves thousands of followers and is a traditional craftsman

adminNovember 29, 2018

But the one who seeks shall find. And in this case, we do not even have to go beyond the limits. Who said that social networks and traditional culture can not be combined? Apparently no, and this only confirms this. Tibor Pusch is the Slovak Viking. It's about art, culture and traditional crafts.

Undoubtedly, even the most famous fashion brands could miss it. Tibor drove his love for the ceramics of his parents and decided to be talented. Judge yourself In our interview with the Slovakian Viking, you will learn more about his work and love for tradition.

In today's interview with Slovak viking, you learn:

  • who is Tibor Pusch and how his mythological altar ego originates,
  • for what is good instagram glory,
  • why he is still not in the modeling industry.

Hello Tibor, he will first try to introduce our readers.


Hi, my name is Tibor and I'm 28 years old. Originally I come from Šamorín and I'm a potty.

How and why did your alter ego "Slovak viking" become?


About seven years ago, a friend of mine called a winter shooting, in historical dress and sword in my hand. When we launched these photos on facebook, some people from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico wrote for a few days to me that I look like the Viking. Some people, when they learned that I came from Slovakia, started calling me "Slovak Viking". That's the way I started using the nickname on social networks as well.

Is it a closer Nordic or Slavic culture?

Mantheniel Photography

Clearly Slavic. I have a Slavic culture in my blood, I am only interested in Nordic culture.

What do you do in your spare time?


I like long walks in nature or in the old town of Bratislava. Fascinating me with historical buildings. I like to discover castles / ruins I have not seen yet and I also like going to historical festivals. Well, just sit down with your friends for a beer and chat a little, it also has its charm. In addition, I actively dedicate myself to ceramics.

How and when did you come to your craft?


Parents also made pottery so they put the camp in my hand and showed me how she modeled it.

Is it possible to support the production of ceramics in Slovakia?


Barely. I was so lucky that my parents took care of me – ceramic circuits, ovens and so on. Thanks to social networks, I write people from different countries to buy some of my products. Throughout the summer we go with parents to make children creative workshops.

Is Instagram a business tool for you, or is it just a representation?


More than that, it serves me as a representation, but as I mentioned, it completely helps me when I sell my products.

Who do you assign your social networking success?


Hard to say About half of my followers come from South America. For them it is interesting to see a red-haired man with blue eyes. Besides, I think people are sympathetic to listening to hard music, doing the craft as we look less and that I love animals … Well, of course, it's a lot of luck.

You seem to try to spread positive energy. Do you also meet healers?


Fortunately, rarely. They look mainly on people who have similar hobbies / interests like me, so they are interested in history, art, they like nature, animals … So, with hindsight, I really meet only "once in a Hungarian year".

Have you ever been offered a job in a modeling brand?


Yes, I have already received offers, but I felt that the offers were not serious. There are many speculators in this brand …

If you had to choose, would he still be in the production of ceramics, or would you rather go to the headlights?


Very good question. Ceramics I'm going to die, either as a job to feed me or just as a hobby. However, plates and mugs will always come together. I have long dreamed of playing in an historical film or series like Vikings or Game of Thrones. If a similar offer comes to me, I will certainly not reject it.

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